Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Early reservation

Group transfers have to be booked online up to 24 hours beforehand - for later reservations we can't guarantee the availability. 
Single transfers can also be booked on short term notice via our telephone service under +43 (0) 4246 30720 - in this case there is a "deadline" of up the 3 hours prior to the transfer. 

Where do you meet our driver at your arrival at Klagenfurt Airport

The new meeting point is located directly on the public bus stop in front of the exit of the airport of Klagenfurt - the red sign saying MEETING POINT is not to be missed if you leave the airport! 
Our bus drivers will meet you at the meeting point. 

Waiting time at the airport

With our group transfers it can be possible that we serve more than one flight with the same transfer - hence it might occur that you will have to wait for a while at the airport, but

  1. this happens very rarely +
  2. these are restricted to max. 90 minutes 

Should you not accept these waiting times, you have the possibility of booking a single transfer - in that case we will send a vehicle just for you which will leave immediately after your arrival.

Driving route

Please be aware that we can't take always the shortest route to your holiday destination in group transfers. Due to several different destinations it can happen that the driving time will be somewhat longer. The ideal connection to your holiday destination can sometimes mean you will have to change transfers on the way. However no additional waiting periods or delays will result from this. 
If you want the certainty that you're taking the fastest and most direct route, you have the possibility of booking a single transfer - in that case we will send a vehicle just for you which will take the most direct route from the airport to your accommodation. 

Driving time

The time started for the group transfers is an estimated (ca.) driving time. For the departure transfers to the airport, it is calculated in such a way that under normal traffic and road conditions (= in 99 % the case) you will arrive at Klagenfurt Airport ca. 90 min. before take-off - early enough for you to check in comfortably. In Klagenfurt the check-in counter closes 30 minutes before take-off and it's an airport with fairly short walking distances (to the gates).

Flight delays

Should your flight be delayed, we guarantee you for our group transfers that our driver will wait for max. 60 minutes. Should the flight arrive later than that we allow ourselves to book you on a later transfer on the same day. 
As for our single transfers and last daily group transfer we will definitely wait for you. By stating your mobile phone number in our reservation form, you help us organise the transfers better in such cases and we will be able to keep you noticed about any changes or developments. 


Depending on the number of travel passengers, you will be picked up from the airport in either a passenger car taxi, a minivan or a small tour bus. Of course our vehicles are made "winterproof" for the colder season and are equipped with air-condition for the summer months.

Transfer cost

You can see the transfer cost in your reservation confirmation - this should be paid to our driver in cash. 
Should you have booked the transfer via your hotel or travel agency, it's possible that the payment has been dealt with already by them. Our driver has the information indicated in the reservation, as to how the payment should happen. 


Children up to 2 years can be transfered free of charge, however don't get their own seat. From their 3rd until their 12th birthday children pay 50% of the fare for our group transfers. After their 12th birthday the full charge applies for them as well. 


The transportation of animals is no problem in single transfers but unfortunately not possible in group transfers.


If your luggage did not arrive with your flight, please go to the Lost & Found counter in the arrival area of the airport. The airport will take care of delivering your luggage to your accommodation as soon as it arrives at the airport with one of the next planes. In case you may have forgotten or lost something in our vehicle please send us an e-mail to with the details of the lost / forgotten object as well as the date, time and route of your transfer drive. 

Please declare in your reservation whether you are arriving with little, much or very much luggage, so we can provide a suitable vehicle for you - in principle we assume you will travel with a maximum of 20 kg and/or 2 pieces of luggage per person.

Return transfers

For both you and us it is most easy and comfortable if you book your arrival and return transfer at the same time - then you have your ticket ready and save yourself the trouble of having to make another reservation. Once booked, the transfer has been reserved and you will not have to confirm again with us. 
In case you don't know when your return flight is beforehand you of course have the possibility of booking the arrival and return transfer separately. Should your return flight details change and you have already booked the transfer you have 2 possibilities: 

  1. change your reservation online
  2. send us an e-mail with your changed flight details to and we will make the required changes.

In both cases you will need your reservation reference number, which is stated on your reservation confirmation.


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