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Kärnten Transfer

Kärnten-Transfer is a network of personal transportation businesses from different regions in Kärnten's, which have specialised in transfers. All involved partners offer group transfers at favourable prices per person to Klagenfurt Airport based on a driving schedule co-ordinated with the flight times of low-cost-airlines. Thus we can make all travellers of these airlines an ideal offer to get from the airport to your holiday destination (or vice versa) at a very convenient price.

Furthermore the reservation platform www.kaernten-transfer.at offers the possibility to book a single transfer (taxi) from the main airports and train stations to your holiday destination - a vehicle park of over 50 vehicles of every size guarantees that we can complete every order professionally and you will be chauffeured safely and comfortably to your holiday destination or back to the train station or airport.

With us you have the certainty to be on the way with professionals - our business is personal transportation and we understand our job - some of the involved companies have been in Kärnten as bus and taxi businesses for over 70 years and they know what it takes. Which is something the majority of hosts in Kärnten trusts: the majority of the hotels here in Kärnten are our customers!